Lagio Comfort WebbingLagio Comfort WebbingLagio Comfort WebbingLagio Comfort WebbingLagio Comfort WebbingLagio Comfort Webbing
Lagio Comfort Webbing
Lagio Comfort Webbing
$89.99 USD

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The Description

"Soft, silky and luxurious.  Wow!  I am so happy to have the Lagio Comfort Webbing.  The desk is super comfortable to use, but with the Comfort Webbing, it's off the charts!  There is nothing like the Lagio anywhere."

The Lagio Comfort Webbing brings the ultimate comfort for your Lagio Lap Desk.  Custom designed to clip easily into the Lagio desk, the Comfort Webbing adds a unique level of added luxury.

The optional Comfort Webbing is made from your choice of black or white sheepskin wool.  It clips easily into four attachment points on the bottom of your Lagio desk for added comfort.  The Comfort Webbing raises the desk off your legs and gently rests on the Comfort Webbing.

Aeon Gold partnered with the oldest tannery in New Zealand.  We use only the finest wool available in world to create the Lagio Comfort Webbing.

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