Lagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading LightLagio LED Reading Light
Lagio LED Reading Light
Lagio LED Reading Light
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The Description

"I love using my Lagio desk at night in bed or on the couch.  I have two LED Lights and is the perfect amount of light whether I am reading a book or working on my computer, even when the lights in the room are off.  A no-brainer accessory for the Lagio Desk."

The Lagio LED light provides the optimum lighting for your Lagio Lap Desk workspace.  No longer will you be straining your eyes to see the keyboard or pages you are reading.  Also, the Lagio LED light provides light without the added heat from a task light other external lighting.  Great for when you are sitting in your favorite location and there are no lights available!

Up to three (3) Lagio LED lights can be used with Lagio desk simultaneously on the 3 external USB Lagio ports when Lagio Power Bank battery is installed. Custom designed with extra length to fit Lagio and reach the perfect height above your laptop or tablet and illuminating the workspace or keyboard.

  • 14 Super Bright LED Lamp with white LED lights.
  • Super long-life LED lamp life up to 10,000 hours.
  • Flexible metal bellow stem to conveniently shine light where you want.
  • Convenient Touch Sensor On/OFF and 3 Levels of Brightness.
  • Super Power Saving: Power consumption less than 40 mA
  • Size: 18 in.
  • Voltage: 3.2V / 115 mA

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LED Smart Reading Light

The perfect reading companion with the Lagio Lap Desk. Plug up to three (3) Lagio LED lights at one time into the Lagio Lap desk to provide 100% coverage. Power to the LED lights supplied by the optional Lagio Power Bank battery installed in Lagio lap desk.

Features 14 extra bright LEDs with On / Off touch switch.

Compatibility – compatible with MAC and PC USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on your laptop, desktop, Power Bank battery or on the Lagio Lap Desk.

Design – Flexible gooseneck arm will bring comfortable lighting to your Lagio lap desk or other work surfaces. Gooseneck is designed with extra length to provide the ideal height when using with the Lagio Lap Desk and laptop computers or tablets.

Benefit from 3-level adjustable brightness and touch switching technology. Perfect for working or playing in dark conditions and wanting the convenience of the Lagio lap desk in your favorite location.

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